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  Jan 24 2008
OneNess - The Righteous Religion
Deep seated desires honoring you Dear Lord

Salvations Sanctuary for our weary. Rooting the roots of all religions where all religions stemmed the Worship of Dear Yahwey, our beginning and our end.
Truly there's no greater gift than knowing you Oh Lord! We pray thus God we never stray just because we’re bored. Blessings are your gifts the greatest Being of ALL. Your the love that eminates from your immortal soul…AH! Your Love keeps pouring out the truth all souls knowing this is true. Please acknowledge each of us as being a part of you. We acknowledge you most high; Greatest of us all. Allow not these your children to stumble forth and fall. Importance is your forte and double so for thee because the World is blind they must be made to see. Humanity assumed we're God's gift to Planet Earth, we will not grant a license to exploit the Universe. At the Tower of Babel. We were not rabble when humanity dared to dream. No need for an army without enemies outright, no need for the law without criminals to
fight. We are a nation all people are one. Dissension unknown even to some. Jesus forgives us our sins. Responsibility too..! When they order them dead Jesus did it not you! They can say that to God while flat
on their face their soul’s filled with shame their spirit’s disgrace. We hope you find us worthy to do what needs be done. We’re re- incarnate Christ’s your begotten ones. Fatherly/Mother - thou art soul mates truly you are one. Yes! You doth't inspire, what you do contrive, it’s when we ask to do your will is when we long to strive. Thee Elements does’t bow in and out of sight. If Humanity stood upon the sun they couldn't be as bright. Within/Without your Brilliance, your Power and your Might. You make yourself thus known, Through every single one. I Love you one and all. I'm proud of you my son.

Copyright2001©Jerry James Olender - To all who have passed before that we have yet to re-encounter in good time.

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